Many people ask about our retouching services or what the “retouched” image includes. Retouching can be very simple or super extreme. This sample is to show a pretty much basic ” 1A” retouch job on a person. Please notice the difference in skin softness. Also notice the over all contrast and punch in the image. We have included “step 3” because we took the image one step further. Making some slight changes to the face and eye color. Step 3 is not always typical but some times asked for or just fun to do!

Although everyone is already beautiful. Retouching takes the images to another level. We use all  L series Lenses from Canon. This awesome glass combined with professional studio lighting and the  high resolution digic processors in the camera show everything on the skin. Things we don’t even notice with the naked eye. Retouching is like leveling the paying field again!

Michelle Mclaughlin


Michelle "Red Wall"

Michelle "Red Wall"

Michelle McLaughlin Sunset by Jeffery Warren Photography

Michelle Guess

MIchelle Guess

MichellePhoto session in the back yard of the studio with my friend Michelle Mclaughlin. No crazy lighting or tricks. Just a camera and a nice sunny day. Sometimes it’s just fun to go out and shoot!